Winnfii Advanced Customer Care (WinnACC)

WinnACC application suite enables you to work effectively and efficiently in providing services to your customers and collaborating with your employees. WinnACC has extensive features that simplify your daily tasks, which include sales, purchasing, job management, approval process, learning and development, and reporting. Its comprehensive audit logs enable you to monitor various activities such as data modifications, file accesses, report generations, UI navigation, and more.

Job Management

Job Management

Monitor progress of service jobs, schedule appointments, assign personnel to jobs, and track attendance status and performance.

Maintenance Contract
(Upcoming Feature)

Auto schedule service jobs based on service frequencies defined in the maintenance contracts, and alert/remind customers on their next upcoming maintenance services.

Configurable Notifications

Allow configuring alerts, notifications, or reminders to inform all involved parties for jobs, maintenance contracts, and other modules. The configurable settings includes days/hours before the events and templates.

Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Maintain warranty records, automatically mark warranty registrations for review based on conditions, and enable you to review and approve marked registrations.

Warranty Extension

Enable you to issue extended warranty when consumers purchase or extend warranty durations of their products.

Service Project

Manage warranty given to building owners, developers, contractors, and homeowners for batch products purchased for use in the newly developed buildings/sites.‚Äč

Sales, Purchasing and Inventory

Sales and Invoicing

Simplify sales process from quotations and orders to issuing of goods and invoices, and processing the returns and refunds.


Accelerate your purchasing process, easily keep track of purchase orders and handle goods receipt.


Track your inventory, manage stock movements and storage locations, auto/manual selling price update, and stocktake.

Print-to-File and Email

Keep track and save copies of printouts and emails sent to customers and suppliers.

Customer Communication

Configurable alerts/updates to customers on the backorders when items become available or ready to be picked up.


Support multi-currency and auto conversion to local currencies based on the effective currency rates at the time of transactions.

Technician Training and Development


Improve and test your employees' skills through online grading exercise. Monitor and review the skill development of your employees.

Online Exams

The comprehensive subjects and exams managements allow your organisation to customise exams that suit your requirements and allows employees to attend online exams at predetermined date and time.

Exam Analysis

Generate reports to review score ranking of exam participants, and analyse common answers for identifying areas require improvement.

Human Resource Management
(Upcoming Feature)


Let you manage pay items for each employees and execute periodic pay runs.


Manage leave entitlements and enable your employees to submit leave requests.


Manage and reimburse claims submitted by employees.

Banking and Payment


Receive credit/debit notifications from banks, view bank transaction history, and reconcile bank transactions against payments.



Allow customers to make contact-less payment instantly using mobile bank apps that support PayNow.

Approval Process

Approval Flows

Manage actions for the approval flow. Define actors/groups and customise response buttons for each action.

Approval Notifications

Define one or many notification templates for each approval flow and specify recipient groups per template.

Approval Requests

Easily integrate Approval Flow with any objects, such as purchase order request, change/feature requests, etc.

Contact and Access Management


Let you manage your employees and associate them with relevant teams and groups in your organisations.


A complete information on your customers, suppliers, partners and sales routes, and their historical activities with your organisation.


Build and maintain client relationships, oversea services and jobs provided to clients, and manage product registrations.

Access Control

Authentication with 2FA and a comprehensive role-based access rights on individual features, modules, actions, data types, reports and document types.

Customer Access

Grant access and allow customers to order goods and view their order history. Also, allow end-consumer to register purchased products and view historical service jobs.

Audit Logging

Extensive logging of various user activities including app access, UI navigation, record operations, file access and download, process executions, etc.

Reporting and Information Management


Smart reporting and user-customised reports allows your organisations to get the required information.


Quick glance at your customisable dashboard with personalised dashboard widgets and quick access tiles.


A centralised storage for all your files and documents related to jobs, inventory items and transactions.

Open Authorisations (OAuth)

Give your users a simple, secure way to sign in to the app with your enterprise accounts or their personal social account, provide their consent, and securely share their profile information with your organisation.

Enables Singapore residents' easy access to the app using Singpass and securely login to the app without passwords.

Microsoft Identity Platform enables users to sign in to the app with their Microsoft work, school, or personal accounts.

Google Identity Service enables users to sign in to the app with their Google enterprise, business or personal account.

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